JBF Franchise FAQs

Interested in becoming part of the "hottest ticket in town" but want more information?  Read on for answers to our frequently asked questions.  Click the link on the right to see where we have franchises available and fill out our online application. 

What is the franchise fee and what are the ongoing royalties?

The Just Between Friends franchise fee for US Franchises is $14,900 and a Canadian Franchise is $14,900 (reduced from $16,900 for a limited time only).  The royalties are between 2 and 3 percent on the gross sales, less the sales tax. Both of these amounts are much less than the average franchise fee of $35,000 with average royalties of 6-8% of gross sales.

How much capital is required to open a franchise?

The Just Between Friends franchise fee for US Franchises is $14,900 and a Canadian Franchise is $14,900 (reduced from $16,900 for a limited time only).  In addition to the franchise fee, you will need additional capital for additional materials needed to get your business started. We estimate an additional $10,000 to $20,000 is needed, over and above the franchise fee.

What does the franchise system include?

Download our “What do I get for my Franchise fee” PDF for a complete listing of what is included with your franchise fee. The value will astonish you! Owning and operating a well-known children's and maternity consignment event, use of the name, trademark, branding, marketing ideas, operations manual and methods, bar-coding system, 100-square foot company banner, custom-built website and design with self-guided, automated, online consignor registration, team member scheduling, marketing tracker and corporate support as well as support from other Just Between Friends owners who have seen exponential growth in their territories.

How large are the territories?

Just Between Friends territories are established using statistical data supplied by our mapping services provider and other key demographic  information. In the more highly-populated areas, territories are built around concetration of population with families who include children ages 0-10 living in the household. JBF errs on the side of  generousity in territory creation as we want nothing more than to see our franchisees have great success within their territory.

Do I need to live in the territory where I hold my Just Between Friends Event?

Just Between Friends Franchise System, Inc. requires that at least one 50% owner live within 30 miles of the territory in which the event will be held. Your success depends on building a core group of customers and consignors within your territory. Being involved and establishing relationships in your territory and community is a huge key to your long-term success.

How much money can I make from a Just Between Friends Event?

The Federal Trade Commission will not let us make any earnings claims to prospective franchisees. Therefore, we rely on our franchisees to supply you information on this subject and, with some effort on your part, you can put together a fairly accurate idea. Since this business is event based and only happens twice yearly, this will be supplemental income in the beginning and can easily turn into full-time income with the investments of time and work. The opportunities, here, are determined by you and what you put into the event.

How many hours does it take to put an event together?

On average, a typical sale takes eight to ten weeks of planning. This can be done while working around other activities in your life. Part of the beauty of owning a JBF sale is that you work four to five months out of the year. The larger the event gets, the more time and energy it takes, and the more money you make. Franchisees that work their business each week seem to have the greatest success.

Do I need to have experience to own a JBF?

Yes, but not necessarily in consignment events. JBF Franchise system searches for candidates with a strong sales background, organizational skills, and computer literacy as well as a candidates who are flexible when working with the public.

What happens if I am thinking of having a business partner?

Many of our Just Between Friends franchises are owned by more than one person.  If you are thinking of working with a business partner, each 25% or more owner must go through the application process as well.

What do I do when I am fully prepared to own a Just Between Friends Franchise?

To get started you will fill out an application online. Only fill out an application if you are fully prepared to own a Just Between Franchise. Please give complete, brutally honest answers.  We take every application seriously, and any typos, blanks, or incomplete answers could keep you from being granted an interview.  You can help yourself by doing the absolute best job possible. You will need to sign a non-compete agreement if you want further information about Just Between Friends—beyond what is provided in this website. This non-compete states that you cannot take this information to start your own competing event. You also will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and a release allowing us to run a credit and background checks. Once Just Between Friends determines that you are a candidate who meets our pre-established ownership criteria, a JBF representative will contact you to start you on the road to owning your own consignment sales event!

Our non-compete/confidentiality agreement.

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