How it Works

Here is a quick overview of the consigning process with Just Between Friends.
1. Create a JBF Account to get a Consignor Number.
2. Register with a local sales event where you’d like to sell your items.
3. Prepare your merchandise, tag it and then bring it to the sale.
4. After the sale, you pick up any unsold items you do not wish to donate.
5. About 2 weeks later, you receive your consignor check in the mail!

Here’s more detailed information on the process for you:

Anyone with children’s and maternity items that are new or gently-used may register to sell as a JBF consignor. Feel free to go ahead and register now.

Many who start out as shoppers with JBF become consignors. Why? Because you can sell items you no longer need and then shop the sale for the items you do need! Plus, it lets you recoup some of the investment made purchasing your items.

Once you register with JBF, you will receive your Univeral Consignor Number which can be used to sell items at any JBF sales event. You will need to register for each sale with which you would like to consign.

Be sure to read through all email communications and your local JBF event website which is full of tips, dates/times, ideas and other important information about the sale. (NOTE: Typically, your local JBF hosts a Spring/Summer sale and a Fall/Winter sale each year. Some host a toy sale once a year, too).

After receiving your JBF Consignor number, you can log into your My JBF Profile to access the FREE tagging site. There you can create and print out your sales tags. You are then on your way! We have a Pricing Guide to help you determine the best price for your items. Then it’s time to get busy preparing your items for the sale!

Prior to each sale, you will drop-off your items during the posted “DROP OFF” time. We encourage you to separate all clothing by gender and size before you arrive as this makes drop-off easier…and faster!

When you get to drop off, check in with the event coordinator. You will receive a consignor presale pass and, if applicable, an earlier Team Member presale pass. Next, you will bring your items to the “Inspection Area.” While your clothing is being inspected, you can start placing all other items on the sales floor.

After inspection, you will hang your approved garments on the appropriate racks, typically by gender and size, before you leave.

You are now done with check in!

You will want to use your presale pass to shop the bargains yourself.

Once the sale concludes, items will be sorted for pick up.  You can choose to donate unsold items to a local JBF charity or you can pick up unsold items.  Then, about two weeks later, you will get your check (less a consignor fee which varies by sale)!


Please note that each sales event may have other specifics regarding the preparation of merchandise and drop off. Check your local sale website for further details.

How to Prepare Items

The way to sell your merchandise for the best price is to put a little time and care into getting them ready for sale.

Febreeze may be your new best friend! A squirt or two takes away any unwanted odors.

Clip loose or stray threads to freshen up your items.

A good pressing with the iron (for iron-safe fabrics) makes those little clothing items look sharp!