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Q. Can anyone sign up as a team member and attend the pre-sales?

A. Check for details at your local sales event page. Each local sales event sets its own guidelines for serving as a team member, except that all JBF sales events are committed to not discriminating against any applicant on the basis of any protected characteristic.

Q. What do team members do?

A. Team members perform a variety of tasks including: item inspection, sale set-up and break-down, floor help, merchandise prep, team leading, meal preparation, providing snacks, customer service, safety inspection, and more! Check your local sales event page where you will find a complete listing of shifts available.

Q. Do I need to have prior experience?

A. Do not worry if you haven't been a team member with us before, we'll show you what to do! Please plan to arrive well before your shift for a little training. The arrival time before each shift varies by sales event, so please check your local site for additional information.

Q. Can I bring a guest to the team member pre-sale?

A. At this time, team members are not allowed to bring guests to the exclusive pre-sale. Each pre-sale pass is good for only one person to enter the pre-sale. Additionally, no children are allowed at the pre-sale.

Q. I'm pregnant or have a medical condition. Is it OK for me to be a team member?

A. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, you will want to participate when the workload is less. We have several shifts available with jobs that can be