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Merchandise Prep

Preparing your merchandise for sale is easy. It just takes a little time and attention to detail to make sure you sell the most items for the best price possible. We encourage you to read through these guidelines to help get started. As with anything you do for the first time, there can be a bit of a learning curve. But don't worry! This curve with Just Between Friends is VERY short! Once you know what to do, you'll be tagging like a pro in no time!

We also have a variety of helpful "How To" videos to help visual learners. Watch these videos that give great tips and tips for tagging your items for sale.

To make things run smoothly and life easier for all of us, please follow these guidelines when preparing your sale items.

Our online tagging system, MyJBFtags, makes it easy peasy for you to barcode and tag your items. We know that you will LOVE  what it has to offer! With so many great features, such as nightly sales recaps and editable description fields, you will wonder how you ever survived without it!

New to the whole tagging thing? Follow these instructions below for tag preparation:

  • Bar-coded Tags:

    When you are ready to tag your items, use the Event Signup page to register to consign. You will need to register to receive a Universal Consignor Number which gives you easy access to your JBF Account.

    1. Register for your own JBF Account. It's free. It's easy. It unlocks all the goodness of the tagging system for you as well! You will receive information along with a Universal Consignor Number that will let you access the barcoding system.

    2. Access your new account through your JBF PROFILE. This next part is really important: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE REGISTERED WITH YOUR LOCAL SALES EVENT! Remember, register each sale, each season!

    3.  Follow the instructions to enter your tag information and double-check to make sure all the information appears the way you want it to appear. (We have had some really funny tags before though--thank you, typos!)

    4.  Tags must be printed on white carclaoub

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