Shopper FAQs

  • Q. How often do you have Just Between Friends Sales?

    A. Typically, twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Additional bonus sales may be offered in your area, so be sure to check your local JBF event calendar often.

  • Q. Are the sales located indoors?

    A. Yes. Sales are typically located in climate-controlled buildings.

  • Q. What form of payment does JBF accept?

    A. Visa, MasterCard, debit cards and cash are accepted at all sales. Please see the payment information where you plan to shop as other payment methods may be accepted.

  • Q. What brands and sizes can I find?

    A. Chances are, you can find a little bit of everything at your local sales event! We've seen brands such as Baby LuLu, Gap, Gymboree, Coach, etc. We never know what will turn up! At one sale, we even had a Cartier Stroller! Can you imagine? As to sizes, each sale accepts sizes for infants through children's. Some sales events accept junior sizes, but check you local sale's web pages to see what sizes they will be carrying for the upcoming season. Brands will vary by region, so shop early to make sure you get the best deals!

  • Q. Are children allowed on opening day?

    A. Yes, children are allowed at the sale but PLEASE use good judgment when you bring them as this day of the sale is usually VERY busy. Toys and other fun merchandise are available at the sale, but are not for use by little ones. These items are the property of the consignors and cannot be sold if lost or separated. For these reasons, and your own peace of mind, we suggest you shop without children if at all possible. Plus, you want to be able to focus on finding the best bargains!

  • Q. Are there any last minute tips I should know?

    A. Yes! Bring a list of the items you hope to find. Sometimes when you walk in and see all the bargains, your mind goes "poof!" and it helps to have that list handy for reference. Also, get to the sale as early as you can! The best deals are the ones that go first, so shop early and also, shop often! Most sales feature a 50% OFF day at the end of the event! Don't miss those extra, last minute savings! Here's more info about what to bring.

  • Q. Can I camp out to make sure I have a good place in line on the first public shopping day?

    A. Yes, you can if your event venue security guard allows it. But may we suggest you give that sleeping bag and tent a break and instead, consider selling your items as a consignor, or better yet, become a team member! Either way, you get to shop early at special pre-sales. Team members shop the earliest of all. The more shifts you sign up for, the earlier you shop. Click here for details about joining our team!

  • Q. What are these discount sale times I've heard about?

    A. Each sales event has a special half price sale time. At this special discount sale time, you can buy any item that has no star on its tag at 50% off its original price! Tags WITH stars are not included in the discount sale. But all items with NO STARS are included! Check your local sale for more information for special discount sales to save even more!

  • Q: Are all sales really final?

    A. The short answer is "yes." The reason being, we hold our events and then we send out checks to consignors whose items have been purchased. This allows us to honor our commitment to be good stewards of the trust placed in us as the event host. That is why we ask that you please inspect and test all goods before you pay and leave the building. If you need help testing an item, please ask and we will be happy to assist you. Just Between Friends is not able to refund or exchange as, once the event ends, all items are donated or returned to consignors which is the end of our selling time period with them. If you have purchased an item and decide it doesn't suit your tastes (or perhaps it makes really loud noises which you didn't realize you don't like until you got it home), you are more than welcome to sell your functioning, gently-used items with us at the next sales event!

  • Q. Can JBF make money grow on trees?

    A. No, but it will seem that way as your dollars go so much further than they do at retail stores. With savings as great as 50-90%, once you shop JBF, you'll never go back for retail prices!

  • Q. How do you accommodate persons with disabilities at your sales events?

    A. Pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act, should you need accommodation in order to fully participate in our Just Between Friends Sale, please contact the sale owner of the event in which you choose to participate.

  • Q. I've had so much fun shopping! Can I sell my items, too?

    A. Yes you can! To sell your items, create an account to receive a Universal Consignor Number. You can then register with the sales with which you'd like to participate. You consignor number can be used at any Just Between Friends Sales Event across the country. Just make sure to register with each sale so they will reserve your space. Here's more info about how it works.

  • Q. Are there admission fees?

    A. Each sales event operates independently. Some sales do charge admission fees on certain shopping days. Some sales also offer "premium" shopping opportunities for which there is an admission fee. Check your local sales event website for detailed information about available shopping dates, times and fees.

Shopping Tips

Make sure you bring your list! There's so much to see that a list will help remind you of items you'd like to find at the sale.

Bring a friend! It's so much more fun to shop with a bargain buddy.