What to BRING to a JBF Sale

  • Here are some tips from JBF insiders to help you have the best experience possible as you shop for your bargains:
  • 1. Comfy Clothes and Shoes

    Searching for bargains at a JBF Sales Event can make for a good workout! You don't want to leave early and miss bargains because your stiletto'd feet have failed you! Casual, comfortable clothes and shoes are standard JBF sales event attire!

  • 2. Your List(s)

    A list of your child's measurements is helpful as well as a tape measure and a cut-out of your child's foot. Some shoppers even bring pieces of yarn cut to the size of their children's legs for correct sizing.

  • 3. Basket or Laundry Tub

    Laundry basket or tub to put your items in while you shop (The regulars know to tie a belt or a rope around the handle so you can easily pull your tub along). Most sales events also have a hold area for your convenience.

  • 4. A Shopping Pal

    Everyone needs a good shopping pal! Bring someone with you to tag team as you search for JBF Bargains!

  • 5. Accepted Forms of Payment

    Make sure you have an accepted form of payment for your local sale. Check your local sale's website for their list of payment options...and don't forget your ID, too! Most sales accept cash and major credit cards.


    Shopping a Pre-Sale?
    Due to the hectic nature of JBF presales, children are NOT allowed at these events. These times are just too busy to be able to ensure your child's safety.

  • Shopping a Public Sales Event Day?
    Children are welcome on public sale days, but PLEASE use good judgment when you bring them. These days are very busy and there are lots of goodies that are enticing to little ones. If possible, ask someone to watch your kids so you can enjoy your shopping experience and make the most of your time at the sale.

How to Shop Early

For those who want to get the best deals first, there are several ways you can do this!

Sell your items: All Consignors receive a presale pass to be able to shop early at the sales event.

Be a part of our team: Help out at the sale and earn a shop early pass!