What to EXPECT at a JBF Sale

It's not a retail store.
It's not even a store at all!
It's more of a HUGE SAVINGS EVENT that happens two or more times a year per location with events all across the country. You get great deals and can also sell your items to earn money, too!

So how does it work? It's really pretty simple:

  • Sellers (or "Consignors") bring their items to sell (they price them and tag them using our free tagging website).
  • Shoppers purchase items at great savings usually 50 - 90% OFF retail!
  • Quality and Safety First: All items are carefully inspected to ensure quality and safety for our valued shoppers and their families. We make sure you find only the absolute best items at our events. You will find high quality, gently-loved items and often you can find NEW items with the original pricetags!
You typically can find (depending on season):
  • strollers
  • nursery accessories
  • baby gear
  • baby clothing
  • children's clothing
  • maternity clothing
  • nursing accessories
  • baby carriers
  • hair bows
  • window coverings
  • backpacks
  • toys! toys! toys!
  • children's bedding sets
  • children's books
  • sports equipment
  • kids' dance gear
  • children's shoes
  • joggers
  • bouncey seats
  • puzzles
  • children's coats
  • children's sweaters
  • play yards
  • car & booster seats
  • family friendly DVDs
  • outside play gear
  • nursery furniture
  • children's games
  • diaper bags
  • swim wear & gear
  • educational toys
  • children's wall decor
  • and SO MUCH MORE!
Have more questions about shopping? Check out our SHOPPER FAQs.


Ready to Register ?

Lots of folks find these things helpful
to bring with them to the sale:

  • List of items you need
  • List of sizes needed
  • Strings cut to the length of children's inseams to be able to quickly and easily measure pant legs.
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A laundry basket for stacking up your great deals!
  • What to Bring to a JBF Sale